Photography by Tina Weston About the Artist

Tina Weston is a 4th generation photographer and  
great-granddaughter of photography master Edward Weston.
She first became interested in photography at age 11
when her father gave her a twin lens Yashica camera.

Her current medium is digital photography, although she
learned to work in the dark room at an early age.

Although born into the Weston tradition,Tina's work
reflects her own unique style as she captures bold
images and fascinating  composition. She prefers to pull
her subjects from nature, but also loves shooting a

variety of structures such as bridges and the St. Louis

Tina feels that her work reflects her life in very tangible
ways. She loves to travel and always stops to capture
images that speak to her soul and allow her to share the
journeys with others.

Enjoy your journey through Tina's work!

Tina is also the author of two books which are now available in paperback on
and electronically for the Kindle and Nook.
Her first book: Fibromyalgia: My Journey from Depression to Dancing
details her experience with overcoming Fibromyalgia and living mostly pain free for 5 years.
Her second book The Chakras: Lightwork through Photography and Meditation
features 8 of her photographs and combines her meditation vision and photography.
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